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About Road Safety and Simulation Conference Series

The Road Safety and Simulation conference series was established in Rome in 2007, and has since then provided a bi-annual platform for researchers and professionals from various disciplines to share their expertise and latest insights in the field of road safety and simulation.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is delighted to host the 2017 Road Safety and Simulation (RSS) international conference. RSS2017 will be organised in collaboration with the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV).

The RSS2017 conference covers a wide area of topics. Furthermore we introduce a special theme focusing on advancing the safety of all road users with special attention for vulnerable road users. Especially, in the upcoming era of advanced technologies and vehicle automation new safety challenges have emerged. The road infrastructure design plays a critical role in accommodating these challenges.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

For maximum brand positioning, exposure and interactive networking opportunities, we are delighted to offer numerous sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for RSS2017. Ensure your organisation stands out at this premier event, which will be attended by a highly sought-after audience of industry specialists and key stakeholders.

Below are some of the packages we are offering:

For further enquiries please contact RSS2017 via sponsorship@rss2017.org or enter the form at the bottom of this page. We will be pleased to provide you with details of the best marketing package for your needs and budget.

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Conference App Sponsorship

Stay in front of attendees during the RSS2017 conference by being the official Conference App sponsor. The Conference App will be a central hub for attendees to connect, build their schedule, and stay up to date on conference events throughout the week.

Splash page

Price: EUR 7,500

Every attendee using the app sees the sponsored splash page, the visual impact of its full-screen experience. It’s unlike any other mobile app opportunity because there is only one spot on the splash page and the main sponsor gets it.

The app’s splash screen is going to be viewed every time the user opens your event within the app, which could be dozens of times during the course of RSS2017.

Be iconic

Price: EUR 5,000

You can put your logo as the icon image, which directly links to your sponsor profiles.

Only one sponsor can have the opportunity to have its own navigation icon; visibility and access: one tap goes directly to the profile.

For sponsors looking for a budget-friendly way to stand out on the list, consider offering the ability to have the sponsor bookmarked.

Banner ads

Price: EUR 2,500

For banners, one sponsor can own a particular space or even control all ads for a particular day.

  • Most popular form of sponsorship for mobile event apps.
  • Appears at the top of the screen.
  • Cost-effective way to build brand awareness and reach attendees.

Gold Sponsorship

Gold sponsorship options are reserved for our welcome reception, celebration dinner and conference bar. (only one option per sponsor)

At EUR 7,500 Gold sponsors enjoy maximum exposure at RSS2017 to all attendees and prospective partners. See the bottom of this page for more details about the benefits of Gold sponsorship packages.

Welcome reception

Price: EUR 7,500

Enjoy an exciting opportunity to theme and brand the bustling welcome reception and officially open our three-day conference.

As a sponsor you will be able to address the attendees with a short 2-3 minute speech.

Location is not decided.

Conference dinner

Price: EUR 7,500

Make sure the RSS2017 conference dinner is remembered for all the right reasons! The dinner will include the announcement of the next RSS conference location.

As a sponsor you will be able to address the attendees with a short 2-3 minute speech.

Conference bar

Price: EUR 7,500

At the conference the Waves-bar at the Kurhaus – we will be taking over the bar for three nights.

Silver Sponsorship

Silver sponsorship options provide your organisation with targeted publicity to all attendees.

Personalise the conference bags, lanyards, or exclusively sponsor the registration desk or business appointments to secure maximum publicity for your brand at RSS2017. See the bottom of this page for more details about the benefits of Silver sponsorship packages.


Price: EUR 2,500

Sponsor the lanyards at RSS2017 and be with our delegates every step of the way.

Coffee break

Price: EUR 2,500 per day
(3 days, 2 coffee breaks per day available)

Sponsor a coffee break in the morning or afternoon.

These moments are the ideal opportunity for attendees to mingle in between sessions and for you to be remembered for the much needed refreshment.


Price: EUR 2,500

Be at the front of the RSS2017 by sponsoring the registration desk.

Ensure your brand is seen by all delegates as they enter the conference, and frequently throughout the event.

Conference App
Sponsor Splash
Price: EUR 7,500
Conference App
Sponsor Iconic
Price: EUR 5,000
Conference App
Sponsor Banner
Price: EUR 2,500
Price: EUR 7,500
Price: EUR 2,500
Price: EUR 1,500
Sponsor’s name, logo on splash page of conference app
Sponsor’s logo (icon) on home page of conference app
Sponsor’s logo appears on top of conference app screen
Sponsor’s name, logo and hyperlink on website
Booth at the exhibition incl. 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 locker, 1 waste
4 m × 2 m 4 m × 2 m 3 m × 2 m
Advertising ½ page in the booklet of the final conference programme
Insert brochure or goodie in conference bag
Entry tickets incl. breaks, lunch
2 2
Entry tickets incl. breaks, lunch and conference dinner
2 2
Flag before Kurhaus hotel
Banner in the social spaces

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