Technical Tour: Automated Driving Lab

Researchlab Automated Driving Delft

Short description

Researchlab Automated Driving Delft is a lab for sustainable, safe and innovative research into the autonomous driving of the future. It is also the place where scientific work meets real life: TU Delft works closely together with governmental agencies and partners from the industry to realise the autonomous future.
The research themes are broad. For example. How do cyclists and pedestrians react to this new class of vehicles? How does a (semi)-autonomous vehicle function in a busy, dynamic city environment? Will autonomous driving be the end of traffic jams?

Goal/focus of tour

We will visit the facilities used for research into autonomous driving. You will hear from some of our researchers who are using these facilities for their research, and will get some demonstrations of the research and developments we’re working on.


TU Delft – Campus / Green Village
Van der Burghweg 1
2628CS Delft

Preliminary schedule

Combination of presentations, visits and hands-on demonstrations.
October 16th, times T.B.D. (approx. half day)

Who is it for?

Researchers and professionals with an interest in research into this field.

Programme (PDF).