Technical Tour: Cyclists

Technical tour on cyclist and vulnerable road users

Short description

Cyclists are vulnerable in traffic. The number of fatalities amongst cyclists is decreasing more slowly than for other modes of transport and the number of serious injuries is increasing. In the Netherlands, many cycling casualties occur in the age groups 12-17 year olds and the over 60’s. When the number of casualties is compared to distance travelled by bicycle by these groups, we can see that only cyclists aged 75 and over have a much higher risk of fatal injury or being admitted to hospital as a result of a cycling crash. Most crashes involving cyclists occur in urban areas. Infrastructural measures that separate bicycle traffic from motorized traffic as much as possible, qualitatively good paths free of obstacles, improvements to bicycles and the opposing vehicles, as well as educational measures, are aimed at lowering the cyclist crash rate.

A traffic safety workshop and technical tour will be organised by SWOV related to cycling safety and infrastructure.

Goal/focus of tour

The focus will be on cycling safety and the role of cycling infrastructure.

First, an application in Amsterdam of an assessment tool for safety of cycling infrastructure (CycleRAP) will be presented. You can find a description of the tool here. The development of the tool was inspired in part by the international European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP/iRAP). The objective is to develop a system of expertise, an expert system, to help road authorities assess the safety of cycling infrastructure.

Second, a technical tour will be organised to view some sites from the perspective of cycling safety. Some aspects of the CycleRAP tool will be applied to assess the sites related to the level of cycling safety.


dr. Gert Jan Wijlhuizen
Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV
Postbus 93113, 2509 AC Den Haag
Bezuidenhoutseweg 62, 2594 AW Den Haag

Preliminary schedule

October 16th 2017 10.00-16.30 hours

Who is it for?

Professionals involved in traffic safety policy and research with respect to cycling safety and infrastructure.