Host for RSS2019

The organizers of RSS2019 are the University of Iowa in partnership with the SAFER-SIM University Transportation Center.


Road Safety and Simulation Conference Prospectus

The Road Safety and Simulation (RSS) conference is a biannual event hosted by a local organisation, such as a research institution, scientific organisation, university or national agency. The next conference is planned for October 2019. Interested organisations are expected to submit a prospectus that outlines the organisation and content of the conference and the basic items in the prospectus are outlined below. Interested organisations need to submit the prospectus by December 15, 2017, and the Steering Committee will review the applications and select a host of the upcoming RSS meeting by early January 2018.

It will provide the host approximately 18 months to prepare for the meeting.

The following items identify the components of the prospectus:

  1. Venue of the meetingThe host agency should identify the venue for the meeting including a list of possible facilities that can accommodate approximately, and not less than 300 participants.
  2. Track record of past meetings organisedA list of meetings that the host agency has organised in the past should be provided identifying the name of the meeting, the venue where it was held, the number of attendees and any sponsors of the meeting. Publications of the conference papers from any meetings in special issues of professional journals should also be identified by indicating the title and volume number of the journal.
  3. Potential sponsors & financial planAny potential sponsors that have been identified should be presented and, if possible, the level of sponsorship needs to be discussed. In the event that no sponsors have already committed to sponsoring the RSS, a plan for securing such sponsor should be discussed and the sponsorship level should be identified. In any case a business plan of the Conference activity has to be drafted.
  4. Conference organisationA draft of the timetable for organising the conference should be presented including the principal steps for
    • Calls for abstract/papers
    • Selection and acceptance processes for abstracts and full papers
    • Registration of the participants (time schedule and fees typology)
    • Website availability

    The host institute should also identify the lead champion and potential supporting staff that will take part in the organisation of the conference.

  5. Conference scientific activitiesA list of proposed activities should be included identifying the presence of podium or poster sessions, technical tours and workshops. At minimum, podium sessions should be provided to accommodate presentations of papers submitted. For the workshops, a brief description of each anticipated workshop should be provided identifying content and expected number of participants. For the technical tours, the number of participants to be accommodated should be included as well. The host institute should also identify potential keynote speakers for the conference. Other forms of activities at the conference may also be proposed.
  6. Conference social activitiesThe host agency may propose various social activities, such as welcome reception, Gala dinner, and other forms of social activities that potentially strengthens the bond between the participants of the conference.
  7. Conference outcomeThe host agency should identify the means for disseminating the conference proceedings. In addition, any plans for publishing proceedings in refereed journals should be identified by titles of potential journals.
  8. Conference evaluationThe host agency should provide a plan for evaluating the conference after completion and provide a time plan for feedback to the Steering Committee.
  9. Proposed theme for the conference (optional)The host agency may decide to provide a specific theme for the conference that must coincide with the major goal of the RSS conference, which is to provide a forum for presenting advances on road safety and simulation.

Organisations interested in hosting the RSS2019 should submit their prospectus by December 15, 2017 to the Chair of RSS Steering Committee Prof. Andrea Benedetto by the Executive Committee Coordinator: dr. Fabrizio D’Amico.

E-mail: [email protected]