Roundtable Session

Roundtable: Make Traffic Safety a National Priority

In 2017 more than 30 Dutch organisations representing science, government, business, and NGOs have signed the road safety manifesto ‘Make road Safety a National Priority’. During the roundtable its origin, content and impact are discussed.

Wednesday 18 October, 14:00-15:20, Jacob Pronkzaal

Click here to read the manifesto (PDF).

Click here for the Dutch version (PDF).

Session chair

Ferry Smith, ANWB.


Rob Eenink graduated in 1988 at University of Twente as an engineer in Applied Physics. Has worked as a researcher at the same university (1988-89), at the Consumer Safety Institute (1990) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (1991). From 1992-1999 he was project advisor Environmental Technology and department head Technology at Senter, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Since 1999 he is working for SWOV, the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research as department head (now Human Factors), member of the management team and deputy director. He has been workpackage leader, project leader and coordinator of internal, national and European projects on various subjects: crash prediction models and road safety impact assessment (Ripcord-Iserest), self-explaining roads (ERASER)and road safety as an element of sustainable mobility (TRANSUMO). He was consortium leader of PROLOGUE, the EU FP7 feasibility study for a large scale naturalistic driving project, and until recently coordinator of UDRIVE, the large scale European naturalistic driving integrated project. Rob is involved in network organisations such as FERSI (European road safety research organisations; board member) and Humanist VCE (ITS and human behaviour; former board member). Since 2015 he is also department head of Operational Management at SWOV.
Evert Jeen van der Meer, AON.
Commissioner Egbert-Jan van Hasselt (1953) is a senior police officer with almost 25 years of active service within the Dutch Police. He is currently the national Project leader Development Road and Traffic Policing of the National Police and TISPOL Council member for the Netherlands. He was formerly deputy police chief of a regional police force and has professional experience across a broad range of police disciplines. Before joining the police force for the second time in 2003 he has a career in the automotive industry for nine years. As board member of the importer of Volkswagen and Audi in the Netherlands he was responsible for the services and sales of commercial vehicles and the development and quality of the dealer network. He moved to the brand identity sector as managing Director of a project management company. In 2000 he became an independent marketing and communications consultant.
Henk Schravemade, TeamAlert.